Literary Interpretation I: Close Reading and Analysis (Literature)

Niveau BA1

EC 5

Cathelein Aaftink (Universiteit Utrecht)

februari – maart 2023

This module is geared towards developing intellectual rigor, agility, initiative and creativity. Through the introductory study of English literature, students learn to develop literary interpretations grounded in close reading and analytical practices. They are instructed on how to write short essays that describe interpretive findings in a formal, clear, precise, concise, logical and convincing manner, using the appropriate critical and analytical terminology. Students practice with constructing arguments that effectively elucidate their understanding of a literary text based on textual evidence and insights emerging from relating various textual aspects to one another. They learn how to formulate thesis statements and research questions and write academic papers that use MLA formatting and citation style and propose original interpretations of either a literary poem or short story. Throughout the course the instructor offers formative feedback on students’ writing assignments. In addition, all assignments are peer reviewed.