Historical Linguistics

Niveau BA3

EC 5 EC (uit te breiden tot 6 EC)

Frederike Westera (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

maart tot juni 2025


You are able to describe the development of the English language throughout history and identify the most crucial contributing factors

You are able to describe the development of English as a lingua franca and reflect on its current position.

Korte beschrijving inhoud
Have you ever wondered why knight is pronounced as /naɪt/? Or why Chaucer is considered to be “the father of the English language”? This course delves into how the English language has developed over the course of history and several aspects and people who have been instrumental in this process. We will also look into and reflect on the position of the English language in today’s global society.

Werkvormen (blended opzet)

Dag waarop face-to-face bijeenkomsten plaatsvinden
Two sessions; at the start and halfway through the course.

45-minute oral exam.


– Crystal, D. (2005). The Stories of English, London: Penguin Books.

– Two self-selected articles on relevant topics of choice