Acquisition of Written Language and the Development of the Individual Writer (Linguistics)

Niveau: BA3

EC: 5

Docent(en): Rina de Vries (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Looptijd: begin april 2022 – eind juni 2022

In this course you will reflect on different theories regarding the acquisition of written language by relating these to the development of an individual writer (you and/or another writer).


  • Develop knowledge regarding major theories in language acquisition
  • Reflect on relationships between theories of writing and individual writer development
  • Develop academic reading and writing in English

Activities: Each week you will read compulsory articles regarding theory and research in composition studies (weeks 2-3, socioculturally-informed theories; weeks 4-5, genre-based theories; weeks 6-7, cognitive theories). You will keep a reflective journal regarding your readings by writing brief summaries of major points and connecting these to your own and/or others’ experiences with writing.